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Building Blocks: Milestones at 7 Months Old

In this video, Dr. Preeti Parikh talks about what you can expect from your child when they reach 7 months old. At this stage they are able to understand more complex social cues. They will imitate the sounds you make and may even recognize their own name. At 7 months your child will also start to understand the meaning of no which will likely lead to crying and fussing. It is important to make your environment safe, as this is the time when your child is starting to explore. If your child is not doing any of the things Dr. Parikh mentions in the video, contact your pediatrician to see if your child has some form of developmental delays.

Dr Preeti Parikh

This video features Dr Preeti Parikh. Dr. Preeti Parikh is a Board-Certified Pediatrician with special interests in preventive medicine, advocacy and patient education.

Duration: 1:50.
Reviewed by: Dr Holly Atkinson, Dr Preeti Parikh, . Review date: April 17, 2012
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