Causes and Diagnosis of Gout

Many Americans suffer from gout.Causes of gout are based upon multiple factors. Dr. Holly Atkinson explains some signs of gout to look out for.

Two percent of Americans suffer from gout. It is more common for men around the age of forty to develop the condition while women see their chances increase once they hit menopause. Causes of gout are based upon genetics, certain foods, alcohol, obesity, and some medications such as diuretics. In this video Dr. Holly Atkinson explains some signs of gout and what you can expect from the doctor if you think you may have this condition.

Holly Atkinson, MD

This video features Holly Atkinson, MD. Dr. Atkinson specializes in internal medicine and is an award-winning medical journalist.

Duration: 3:00. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
Reviewed by: Holly Atkinson, MD, Mera Goodman, MD, Preeti Parikh, MD . Review date: Jan. 12, 2017
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