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How 2 Minutes of Meditation a Day Can Totally Change Your Life

Think you don’t have time to meditate? You’re the perfect candidate.

Meditation might seem just for easygoing, zen types, but if you hustle through life as hard as wellness chef Charles Chen, you are actually a prime candidate for meditating.

Chen is a chef, entrepreneur, and vivacious host of the online cooking show Kitchen Hustle, where “hustlers learn how to fuel their passions.” Throughout his childhood, Chen struggled with his health. As a teenager, he was prediabetic and a self-proclaimed couch potato who had no energy or motivation to make healthier choices. After hitting what he calls his “rock bottom moment,” he reclaimed his health, lost more than 100 pounds, and now helps others fuel their “bodies, mind, and spirit starting in the kitchen.”

Sitting on the floor and focusing on your breaths might be what first comes to mind when you imagine someone meditating, but you can vary your technique: yoga, sipping tea at your kitchen table, or even mindfully doodling or coloring in a coloring book can work just as well. (Check out this 10-minute yoga routine to combat stress and anxiety.) The ultimate goal? Slow down. As long as you’re setting aside time to slow down, relax, and breathe, it can be just as “meditative” as the whole lighting-candles-and-sitting-cross-legged thing.

But if you’d like to try meditation the traditional way, here is a guided meditation to get you started.

Charles Chen

This video features Charles Chen. Charles Chen is a chef, host, and wellness expert based in Los Angeles and New York City.

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