DIY Coffee Scrub

Watch how to make a DIY coffee scrub that will give your skin a beautifully smooth glow!

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Brewed coffee and ground coffee can be used creatively to enhance your skin, hair, and overall health. In this episode of Homemade Beauty, Host Irene Santoso shows us how coffee shouldn't just be used for drinking, but also for a DIY coffee scrub!

As an exfoliant, its abrasive texture scrubs off any dull skin giving your skin a glowing and smooth appearance.This coffee exfoliant is made with a quarter cup of ground coffee and one tablespoon of honey. To this you're going to add a half cup of coconut oil and a half cup of sugar. This mixture will smell amazing and make your skin feel great.

Your skin will be a hundred times smoother after using this DIY coffee scrub and you didn't have to spend a dime! While the ingredients read more like the makings of a Starbucks drink, instead of a buzz you get a beautiful coffee glow!