Doctor Decoded: What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Find out what causes this “pins and needles” symptom.

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Your feet and fingers have felt tingly and numb for weeks, and your doctor gives you the news: It’s peripheral neuropathy.


It’s an intimidating pair of words, but basically, neuropathy refers to a loss of sensation, and peripheral refers to the peripheral nervous system.

The Peripheral Nervous System

Your nervous system has two main parts. You’re likely more familiar with your central nervous system, or CNS, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Your CNS gets a lot of attention since it is essentially the control room for your entire body, managing all your bodily functions, actions, reactions, and impulses.

But there’s also the peripheral nervous system, which refers to all the peripheral nerves that extend out of the CNS throughout your body. The peripheral nerves can detect important information from your skin, joints, or muscles and send that information to the CNS for interpretation.

For example, you can sense touch or temperature via receptors in the skin and muscles. Your peripheral nerves are responsible for sending that information to the CNS, which allows you to identify a sensation and react if necessary. (So if you touch a hot stove, your CNS will prompt your body to pull your hand away—ASAP.)

What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Certain things can upset the signal between your peripheral and central nervous systems, causing it to misfire or not send at all. When this information isn’t properly sent to the CNS, you don’t “feel” the sensation. This results in numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain—especially in the hands and feet.

Peripheral neuropathy has many causes, but the most common cause is diabetes. This occurs because sustained high blood sugar levels can damage the nerves over time.  (This is sometimes referred to as diabetic neuropathy.) Other causes of peripheral neuropathy include injuries and certain medications and illnesses, such as shingles and Lyme disease.

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