Game Changers

Ali talks about the support systems in her life as she fights Crohn's disease. These game changers have supported her along the way no matter what.

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Ali talks about the game changers in her life as she fights Crohn's disease. She first talks about her roommate who introduced her to running half marathons. She took her running at Central Park one night and that's when it all started! The same day she signed up for her first marathon.

Ali and her roommate had decided to run a marathon with a training program that raises money for the Crohn's and Colitis foundation, which made her first marathon so much more special. She was able to raise 20,000 dollars through her marathon alone for CCFA.

Ali used to prefer to run alone because of her symptoms of Crohn's disease. She felt like she didn't want to slow any running partner down if she suddenly had a flare-up. Her friend then introduced her to the November project which is a free fitness group that later became a great way to run and workout with a group of people twice a week. These were some of Ali's game changers. They kept her coming back a year later to workout with a fun and loving community.

Having Crohn's disease can take a huge toll on a relationship. Ali met Brian, her fiancé, four years ago, and she has had his support along the way no matter what. Having him as her training partner in life, at her sickest and healthiest, is something that is always in the back of her mind.