Why Cursing Is @#$%&!* Awesome for Your Health

Being a potty mouth has its perks.

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Being healthy doesn’t mean always being “good.” Sure, it’s important to eat clean foods, drink pure water, and limit vices like drinking too much and smoking. But just because your diet should be wholesome, doesn’t mean your mouth has to be. As it turns out, being a potty mouth may actually be @#$%&!* good for you.

Put down the soap: Here are three healthy reasons it’s fine to occasionally cuss like a sailor.

1. Swearing may increase your tolerance for pain. In one study, Keele University researchers in the UK tested how swearing affects pain tolerance. While participants submerged their hand in icy water, researchers asked some to repeat a swear word, and others to repeat a neutral word. They found that those who cursed perceived less pain and could actually tolerate the cold more. This could be because cursing triggers your fight-or-flight stress response, which may numb the link between your fear of pain and your perception of pain.

2. Yelling expletives may give your workout that extra push. That guy at the gym who’s always grunting loudly as he lifts heavy weights? Yea, it’s kinda like that. Blurting out profanities during your sweat sesh may give you a burst in exercise stamina and temporarily increase your strength. In another Keele University study, researchers found that swearing aloud boosted cyclists’ initial endurance by 4.6 percent, and increased their strength by 8.2 percent in a separate hand grip test. Why? Cursing may veil the effort and pain of a hard workout, allowing you push yourself a little more.

3. Cussing may be a great stress reliever. While there may not be any specific research about relieving stress with swear words, Keele University researchers say that cursing is a harmless, creative emotional release that can make you feel stronger. Plus, sometimes it just feels really good to say @#$%&!*.