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Home Fire Safety

Keep these home fire safety tips in mind when whipping up dinner or enjoying a relaxing night by the fire. A safe home is a healthy home.

Did you know that 1000 home fires occur every single day in the US? And a total of 365 thousand home fires were reported just in 2012. Watch here for tips on how you can keep you and your home fire-safe.

Can you guess where in the house most of these home fires are caused? We're sure you guessed right: in the kitchen. Two of every five home fires involve cooking equipment. Our first home fire safety tip and the most important thing to do when cooking dinner for the family is to keep a fire extinguisher close to the stove. It should always remain within reach. An especially ideal type of fire extinguisher in this case scenario would be on with a letter "B" on it, which indicates that it is for liquid fires, for example an oil or grease fire.

Another important fire safety tip is that while it may be instinctive for us to throw water at a fire to stop it, you should never throw water in an oil or grease fire. When water is put into contact with an oil or grease fire, the water can spread the flammable liquid and the fire to other parts of the kitchen. Instead what you can do is to smother the fire with baking powder or a wet towel. This should calm down the fire and increase your immediate safety.

Another place where fires commonly start in the home is in the fireplace. One of the nicest things to do in the wintertime is to lay down and hang out by the fire. In order to make sure the family is safe when you're turning on the fire and spending a relaxing afternoon next to it, you make sure the fireplace and chimney are professionally cleaned every year. You should only use dry firewood and when lighting them, never use lighter fluid or other flammable liquids. You can also use a mesh screen to catch flying embers and make sure the area closely around the fireplace stays clear.

So stay fire-safe and make sure you keep these tips in mind when whipping up dinner or enjoying a relaxing night by the fire. A safe home is a healthy home.

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