Homemade Hair Treatments

Watch how to make homemade hair treatments using ingredients you can find in your kitchen. A simpler and way more affordable solution to dry ends!

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In this episode of Homemade Beauty, Irene demonstrates how to easily make homemade hair treatments using just the ingredients in your kitchen. This nourishing treatment helps strengthen hair, grow hair faster and removes dandruff.

For the first treatment, you have to combine a little lemon juice, olive oil, and water (two tablespoons of each). This mixture is great to moisturize dry and damaged hair. You should apply this homemade moisturizer generously through your dry ends and your hair will already start to feel so much healthier.

The next treatment is a hair mask, which is a simple solution for hair that is rough and dull. This mask will be made up of a half cup of yogurt, one egg, and a hefty spoon of coconut oil. Mix these three ingredients together and your hair mask is all set! This should give your hair a beautiful shine and keep it really well moisturized too.

Finally, the last mixture Irene shows us to make for our hair is a homemade conditioner. This conditioner is made up of banana and olive oil. All you need to do is mash up a banana along with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. This homemade conditioner is rich in oils and vitamins which improve hair elasticity.

Next time you feel your ends getting dry or your hair feeling rough, now you know how to treat it with simple ingredients from you own home. Save money and know exactly what you're putting on your hair by choosing these homemade treatments that will moisturize your hair and leave it stronger and shinier than ever.