How to Minimize Jet Lag

There are a few simple things you can do to minimize the effects of jet lag - here are six simple tips to do just that.

Traveling to new lands can be a fun and exciting part of work or vacation. In order to wake up and take it all in, you have to fall asleep first, which can be tough on travelers. 

Many travelers know that Jet Lag is a real thing! It's never fun to feel tired before a presentation or a fun activity on your trip. There are a few simple things you can do to minimize the effects of jet lag - here are six simple tips to do just that. 

The first tip to minimize jet lag is to set your watch to the new time zone the moment you step on a plane. This gets you thinking about the time of day at your destination. 

While you're on route, don't forget to hydrate! When you're dehydrated, you're more irritable, prone to headaches, and even more likely to overeat.

You should also minimize jet leg by getting some sun at the first opportunity when you land. Sunlight is actually a stimulant and can help you stay awake. 

You should also try to stay up at least until your normal bedtime using the local time. Keeping a normal bedtime will help you reset your schedule to your new location. Create a cool, dark space for you to sleep better. Practice good sleep habits too by avoiding eating too large meals before bed, overindulging on alcohol, or skipping usual exercise. 

At the end of the day, overcoming jet lag really just takes time. These tips will help in the first few days as you adapt to the new time zone!


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