How to Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes to Manage Weight

It’s time to make some important choices.

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Your doctor has expressed that it’s time to consider some lasting lifestyle changes now that your weight has been fluctuating. While it might seem daunting to upend your life, these changes are simple to incorporate, and will end up being beneficial in the long run.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Weight

Regular Weight Checks

Monitoring how often your weight changes from day to day can help you catch trends early. If your weight seems to be going up consistently, you might be consuming too many calories. This is why it is important to regularly get on the scale and use a notebook or tracking app to write things down.

Food Tracking

Every bite of food has a number of calories (even “just a spoonful” of ice cream). The recommended amount of calories for each person varies based on your age, gender, activity levels, and goals. Your doctor might put you on a plan that limits your calorie intake, which can help you keep your weight at a constant number. There are apps and programs that you can use to look up and track your intake.

Regular Exercise

Getting up and being active can be a great way to manage your weight. If you’re not up to run a 5K, that’s fine! Start small and go for 10-minute walks. You can work your way up to longer walks or more challenging exercises. It’s not just cardio you should aim for. There are also many benefits to strength training.

If getting into a gym just isn’t your thing, try something that doesn’t seem like exercise when you’re doing it, such as:

  • Tennis
  • Dancing
  • Rock climbing
  • Rowing
  • Soccer

Support Network

The weight-loss journey is not easy, and making lasting lifestyle changes is a commitment. Having a support network you can rely on is a big help. This might be friends and family, or they could be a group of peers who are also losing or maintaining weight. Mental health support may also be helpful for some people if you have psychological triggers that may impact your weight.

Following Up

It might be helpful to follow up with your doctor regularly in order to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Talk to your primary care doctor about additional ways and lifestyle changes you can make to manage your weight.

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