Share a Bed with Your Partner? 3 Little Rules for Better Sleep

It’s nice and cozy until someone steals the covers.

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Snoozing with your partner has major perks—obviously. Who doesn’t love starting and ending their day with a little cuddle sesh? Many couples feel sharing a bed provides a sense of safety and comfort, and that can obviously help the body relax enough for a good night’s sleep.

But TBH, sleeping together can make the night more challenging, too. Your partner may disrupt your sleep by snoring, talking in his sleep, tossing about, stealing the covers, or even kicking you (yikes!). Some of these issues might be signs of more serious concerns, such as sleep apnea or chronic insomnia; others may be alleviated with just a few simple bedroom tweaks.

Before moving to separate beds, couples sleeping together should consider these key changes:

  • Limit light and noise as much as possible. Having a different bedtime from your partner can disrupt both your sleeping cycles—not to mention cause unnecessary frustration! In fact, if one partner has an earlier bedtime, it might be best for the other partner to watch TV or finish that work project in another room. Following these sleep hygiene tips for better sleep can also help. If one partner’s morning routine is repeatedly waking up the late riser, consider picking out an outfit the night before and storing it in the hallway or bathroom; this allows the sleeping partner to rest undisturbed while the early bird prepares for the day.

  • Use separate bedding. Some of us like it cold; some of us like it hot. A simple fix is adding an extra layer of blankets on one half of the bed. The partner prone to chills could also consider wearing warmer pajamas or comfy socks.

  • Upsize your mattress. Most people spend their entire childhood sprawling out on their own bed, so it’s no surprise couples have trouble adjusting to sharing a mattress. A simple fix (if your bedroom and budget can handle it) is upgrading to a queen- or king-sized bed. This may reduce issues caused by the Chronic Bed Hog, or give more space for couples who get overheated from sleeping near another person.

There’s nothing wrong with couples sleeping in separate beds, and many couples have actually found doing so beneficial for their relationship. However, if co-sleeping is something you both enjoy and want to continue, try these tips before banishing your partner to the guest room.