Mark's Multiple Myeloma Story

Mark, a Multiple Myeloma patient from Zimbabwe, tells us his story about his Multiple Myeloma treatment and his experience living with the condition.

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Mark, a Multiple Myeloma patient from Zimbabwe, shares his experience about living with cancer, and his Multiple Myeloma treatment. His wife, Shelly, and one of his twin daughters also share their perspective on his battle against cancer. 

Five summers ago, Mark began to show signs of fatigue that he did not have before. Later, while on a business trip, Mark rode on a roller coaster and the drop caused his back to break. Because this seemed unusual Mark saw some neurology specialists to see what could be going on. After testing, Mark ended up receiving a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis. 

What is Multiple Myeloma? Multiple Myeloma is an unusual form of blood cancer and bone cancer that causes tumors in the bones. The treatment associated with Multiple Myeloma is often stem cell transplant. This procedure will harvest the stem cells from your body, then you are given a month to recover, and then the stem cells are transplanted into your system. Mark went through this treatment and when this was over he had to go into what is known as "the bubble", in which during the recovery stage your immune system is so weak that you cannot be around many people for a certain period of time. During this phase Mark was also required to wear gloves and a mask to protect himself from germs. Mark was in this recovery period for about six weeks.

Mark's wife is a major source of support for him since she keeps him organized and helps him know which medication to take when. Thanks to his wife, family, as well as his positive personality, Mark has fortunately been dealing with his condition really well and with a positive attitude. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, Mark prefers to look forward and focus on the positive things in his life. He and his family remained strong and upbeat despite Mark's condition and that has helped them move forward.