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Medications for BPH: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

How to tell if drugs would help relieve BPH symptoms.

Treatment for BPH is only necessary when there is an extreme case like the inability to urinate or if you are severely bothered by the symptoms. In this video, Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher explains the various medical and surgical options as well as lifestyle changes that can help relieve BPH symptoms.

Paul Knoepflmacher, MD

This video features Paul Knoepflmacher, MD. Dr. Knoepflmacher is a clinical instructor of medicine at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where he also maintains a private practice.

Duration: 2:57. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
Reviewed by: Mera Goodman, MD, Preeti Parikh, MD . Review date: Jan. 10, 2017
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