This Is Why You Sneeze Multiple Times In a Row

Do your sneezes often come in twos or threes?

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It happens to the best of us. You feel a sneeze coming, and ACHOOOO! You let that sucker out. You revel in relief, until you feel another nose tickle. Ugh, another one?! Then, like dominoes falling, comes a cascade of sneezes.

Why Do We Sneeze in the First Place?

A sneeze is your body’s way of getting harmful irritants out of your nose. The reason it’s so #extra is because your body and brain have to use pure force—engaging many muscles in your body—to get the foreign invader out. Learn more about what causes a sneeze here.

So Why Do We Sneeze Multiple Times? 

Even though that initial force is powerful, sometimes one sneeze is just not enough. If your brain senses that the first go around didn’t get rid of the unwelcome visitor, then your body will reload and try again. This may cause you to sneeze two, three, and even four or five more times until that irritant is gone.

Sneezes are totally normal (and healthy!), but if your achoos are affecting your quality of life, see a doctor. They can help you find relief from your excessive sneezing.