Oatmeal Mask

Watch how to make an oatmeal mask and an oatmeal scrub at home that relieve dryness and keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

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Oatmeal, the breakfast super food, is also filled with beauty benefits. Since oats contain vitamins, minerals and lipids, people have been using them to enhance their skin for many years. In episode 5 of Homemade Beauty, Host Irene Santoso explains how to make an oatmeal mask to help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. This oatmeal mask will also help relieve inflamed skin as well as dryness.

To make this simple homemade oatmeal mask you're going to need to mix five tablespoons of oatmeal with one tablespoon of honey. To this mixture add in a tablespoon of yogurt. Make sure these three ingredients are blended well together and you have your mask!

What's great about using oatmeal as a scrub, in addition to as a face mask, is that it cleans your face very well without any unnecessary harshness that might come in a purchased product filled with chemicals. You can also combine oatmeal with one cup of brown sugar and a quarter cup of coconut oil as well as a little orange zest to make an incredibly efficient facial scrub.

These two solutions may seem like breakfast when you look at the ingredients but using these for your face can be extremely beneficial to your skin in a long term basis.