Opening Up

Don discusses the difficulties he faced with Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms and how he eventually found relief through therapy and biologics treatment

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True Champion Don discusses the difficulties he faced coping with his Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms and how he eventually found relief with psoriatic arthritis treatment using a combination of therapy and biologics.

As a financial planner, Don experienced a great deal of pain sitting for long stretches as well as using his hands to type at the computer.His Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms started to affect Don outside of work as well, as he would often be too fatigued to go to the playground with his children and snap at his friends.

His sleep suffered, and he woke up cranky and sore. This leads to bad moods, bad decisions, and strained relationships. Overall, Don became a very unhappy person as he mourned the loss of his old body as he became increasingly frustrated with feeling feeble and old all of a sudden from being sick all the time.

At its worst, Don realized he had to be strong for his two daughters. Don’s lowest point with his psoriatic arthritis symptoms came during a family vacation, which lead him to finally seek the care of a psychologist who specialized in chronic pain. His doctor’s first advice was to do something Don loved dearly – watch lots and lots of sports on television! It’s important to remember not to give up doing what you love entirely because of this disease.

Don had to come to a level of acceptance regarding his new limitations. He found that opening up to friends and family helped equip him with tools to deal with the pain. Don found relief in biologics, which began to give his joints relief within a month and a half of psoriatic arthritis treatment.