The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

Better to be the overbearing pet parent than to leave anything to chance.

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Your pet has a cute collar and tag, which contains your phone number in case they ever get lost. Still, you get a bit of anxiety every time it takes you a little too long to find them. Your friends who also have pets, as well as your veterinarian, have been talking about the benefits of microchipping. So far, you’ve yet to bite the bullet. Should you microchip your furry friend for extra measure?

The Benefits of Microchipping

Again, not being able to find your cat or dog is scary. If your pet is missing, you may be able to reunite with them faster if your pet is microchipped.

Here’s how it works: Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. A vet usually implants it between the shoulder blades of your pet. When someone finds a lost pet, the clinic or shelter will scan for a microchip right away. If they find a chip with up-to-date information. they’ll be able to quickly locate the owner.

Without a microchip, a lost pet that gets brought to a clinic or shelter may not find their way home as quickly. The shelter would have to rely on social media or other options to get the word out about a found pet.

Is It Right for Your Pet?

Microchipping your dog or cat is a good idea if:

1. You have an outdoor cat

Cats who go outside (even if just occasionally) are much more likely to get lost than an indoor cat. This is especially true with female cats who are in heat.

2. Your pet is prone to running off

Maybe they see a car or hear a fellow animal on the street and they decide to bolt. If this is a common occurrence, the benefits of microchipping are significant.

3. Your pet frequently gets out of their collar or harness

Your phone number may be on your pet’s collar, but if they regularly squeeze out of it, you’ll want a backup strategy. A microchip can ensure your pet is always carrying your contact info.

4. You have a cat who is prone to escaping

Indoor cats can sneak through open doors or loose window screens. If they can fit in even the most random crevices, trust us, it’s better to be safe than sorry and opt for a microchip.

5. You want peace of mind

Not being able to find your pet is hard enough. Microchipping improves your chance of getting your pet back if they’re lost or stolen. This can not only reduce stress if your pet is lost, but also alleviate your worries about any chances of them getting lost.

If you think microchipping is the right option, schedule the appointment with your vet, or ask them for more information before making your decision. Fido and Fluffy will thank you for it.