Can I Get My Psoriasis Medication Using Telehealth?

Good news: No in-person visit is needed to refill your psoriasis medication.

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Not all chronic illnesses can be managed through telehealth, but psoriasis is the perfect fit. Since psoriasis symptoms are so visible, you can easily use telemedicine appointments to update your doctor on how your treatment is working. Still, you may be wondering if you can get prescriptions or refills through your virtual visits.

The short answer: Yes, but there may be some variation depending on where you live.

Using Telehealth to Get Psoriasis Medication

Your ability to get your psoriasis medication through telehealth depends on your state laws. In many states, your doctor is able to write or refill a prescription via telehealth. Some states have laws that allow for medication refills via telehealth, but not for new medications.

Some state laws require that you and your doctor already have a patient-provider relationship. In other words, your doctor knows you and your medical history well and can make informed decisions about your treatment needs. If you are working with a new doctor, your state law may require you to have an in-person visit before starting a new psoriasis medication.

How Does It Work?

Historically, your doctor may have written down your prescription on a piece of paper at the end of your visit. You had to take this to your pharmacist, and then wait while they filled the prescription.

Today, many doctors now use e-prescriptions. This is when the doctor sends the prescription directly to your pharmacist electronically. In many cases, the pharmacist will have filled the prescription by the time you arrive to pick it up at the pharmacy.

Since e-prescriptions are already the new norm, it won’t be a huge shift to get your medications after a telemedicine appointment. Your doctor will be able to use the standard e-prescription process to get the request to your pharmacist.

How E-Prescriptions Benefit Psoriasis Patients

For autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, sticking to your treatment regimen is essential. Even if you’re feeling good, taking your medication every day as prescribed can help prevent a flare. Thanks to telehealth, it’s easier than ever to get a prescription refill. That way, you never have to worry about running out of your important treatments.

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