Treatment for Psoriasis: How Fast Will I See Results?

Different treatments take different amounts of time in different people.

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If you’ve been struggling with psoriasis symptoms for a while, you might be eager to see results from your new treatment. You might analyze your plaques every day, trying to see if they’re starting to go away. Should you be concerned if you’re not seeing improvement by day 11?

The short answer: probably not. Many types of medical treatments for psoriasis may take weeks or even months to see results.

Results for Psoriasis Treatment

When it comes to how long it takes to see results from psoriasis treatments, it depends on which treatment you are using. Even for one type of treatment, it may vary from person to person. In general, here’s what you can expect:

  • Topical steroids: May improve appearance of thin plaques within weeks
  • Oral medications: May take several weeks to see true improvements
  • Biologics: May see improvement within a month, but may take up to three months

Whichever treatment you are using, it’s important to follow the treatment as prescribed. That is especially true when you “feel fine” or are not having symptoms. The treatment is what is putting the condition into remission, and if you stop taking the treatment or miss doses, you may likely have another flare. Not only will this cause symptoms to return, but it increases your risk of complications like joint damage or heart problems.

What to Do If Treatment Isn’t Working

The good news is that there is a wide range of treatment options available for psoriasis. If one treatment isn’t working, you have other options.

If you’ve given your treatment the recommended trial period and you’re not seeing results, you should talk to your doctor. Finding a treatment that works can reduce symptoms, improve self-esteem and quality of life, and reduce your risk of complications.