Road to Recovery

Ali discusses her experience with Crohn's disease treatment and how clinical trials have helped reduce her symptoms and keep her active.

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When doctors were having a hard time finding the right treatment for her Crohn's disesase symptoms, Ali's doctor suggested that she try clinical trials to see if they would work. Ali discusses how clinical trials have helped reduce her symptoms and how these work for her.

Ali sees her doctor every four weeks, where she does an exam, they record her vitals, and they give her three shots of a trial medication in her abdomen. Although this Crohn's disease treatment does imply a strict time commitment, she has made this her top priority for the last 2 years. The medication she is taking is not yet approved, so she is participating in a 112 week-long study which means that in 2016, her participation in the study will be ending. She still tries to remain positive about the years to come as she fights this disease and stays strong.

Her symptoms began to reduce so much that she started running more often and feeling comfortable traveling on the subway, and it's only getting better from here!