Move Over Adult Diapers, Protective Undies Just Got Sexier

These fashionable pee-proof panties have got you covered.

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Leak a little pee when you cough or sneeze? That’s called stress incontinence … and it happens. Embarrassing, sure, but these bladder blips don’t define you—and the type of protective undergarments you choose doesn’t either.

The term “adult diapers” has gotten a bad rap, which may make those who choose to wear them feel less than. Whatever protective underwear you choose, remember: Your skivvies should allow you to feel your best, and free you from worry about urine leaks.

That being said: If adult diapers aren’t making you feel as sexy as you’d like, you have options. Protective undergarments have come a long way. The look, convenience, and technology of incontinence underwear products have improved dramatically over the recent years.

Here are some of the latest pee-proof panties for women and men with incontinence:

Washable incontinence underwear. These new styles look just like non-protective underwear, but have advanced fabrics that absorb liquid to keep you dry and odor-free. You buy them once and wash them as needed, just like you would any other garment. Not only will this save you money, but it’s environmentally friendly, too.

Try brands like Icon, Wearever, or Confitex.

Disposable incontinence undies also absorb liquid and prevent odors, but these you throw out after use. They’re convenient—great for on-the-go emergencies and lessening your laundry load—but you’ll have to keep buying them.

Remember, disposable does not mean flushable! Don’t clog your toilets: Check your brand’s packaging for disposal instructions.

Try brands like Always Discreet, Alyne, or Tena.

Want to wear your favorite non-protective undies? Try:

Bladder control pads. Much like menstrual pads, these add a protective layer to your panties. They’re disposable (not flushable), and they can be swapped out easily when it’s time to change them.

Try brands like Cora, Always Discreet, or Poise.

Feeling sexy (with or without incontinence) is a state of mind, but these pee-proof panties can help you focus on being chic—not on leaks.