Don describes his real life experience with a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis and the pain and frustration of having to give up sports. He also discusse

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True Champion Don describes the pain and frustration of having to give up sports upon his Psoriatic Arthritis diagnosis. Since childhood, sports were a crucial part of Don’s identity, until he was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. For those unfamiliar, Psoriatic Arthritis is an incurable condition that involves the painful swelling of joints.

It all seemed to start after two surgeries after sports-related injuries. This was followed by a loss of appetite, and a dramatic fifty pound weight loss. Eventually, a sports doctor referred Don to a rheumatologist, who gave him a Psoriatic Arthritis diagnosis and began the entry level round of medication for the condition. While it offered closure to finally get a diagnosis after years of unexplained pain, Don had a difficult time adjusting to the realities of his condition, which included difficulty opening jars and having to put his passion for sports on hold. 

Watch here as Don explains his intial psoriatic arthritis symptoms and psoriatic arthritis treatment.