Attention! Sleeping Commando Is Good for Your Vagina

Snoozing sans skivvies may actually be good for your health.

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Your bedtime routine is about to get a little more interesting. Before entering snoozeland, your normal nighttime checklist might look something like this: put on pajamas √ Brush teeth √ Wash face √

But tonight, consider adding this to your list: ditch your skivvies √

As it turns out, sleeping commando actually has some pretty solid health perks. For one thing, your vag is probably covered in fabric all day, and likely doesn’t get much time “outdoors” unless you’re having sex or showering. And let’s face it, if you’re a person with a vagina who wears undergarments, it’s very likely you’re making one of these common underwear mistakes that can affect your health.

Even if your underwear health credit score is clean, your vagina still deserves to rest when you do. Here are healthy reasons to sleep sans skivvies tonight:

Sleeping pantiless can help keep your V clean.

Unless you shower or switch to a clean pair of undies each night, you’re taking vaginal discharge and sweat from the day to bed with you. That moisture you collected on your pantylining throughout the day is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Find out more about whether your vaginal discharge is normal here.

Snoozin’ without knickers can keep you dry.

Ever woken up in a puddle of sweat? Whether it’s from the temperature in your room being too toasty or hot flashes from menopause, you’re prone to get a little sweatier at night. Excess sweat can soak into your undergarments, making them a prime place for bacteria to camp for the night.

Panty-free sleep may help prevent infections.

Keeping your vagina clean, dry, and free helps ward off potential infections, like yeast infections (an overgrowth of fungus causing itching and burning) or a UTI (when bacteria get into your urinary tract). Here are textbook signs of a UTI.

If sleeping without your underthings is too scandalous, wear clean, loose-fitting cotton panties to bed instead. Cotton helps your V breathe by increasing airflow and decreasing moisture buildup.

No panties? No problem.