Treatment for Angina

Treatment for angina can take many forms. Lifestyle changes or angina medications are often recommended, but angioplasty (surgery) is sometimes done.

There are many different ways to prevent and treat angina. Since angina is usually caused by underlying coronary heart disease, steps taken to prevent major heart disease also help to prevent angina.

In this video, Dr. Holly Atkinson shares some helpful tips on what you can do to prevent this condition. She also delves into treatment options such as lifestyle changes, while also covering angina medications as well. There are four main types of medication that are prescribed to control angina. The type and number of medications prescribed are dependent on how frequently angina occurs in one week.

While these medications are effective in treating the short and long term symptoms of angina, they do come with the risk of side effects. Your doctor may also suggest a surgical procedure called angioplasty to open the coronary arteries. This treatment option may be recommended when lifestyle and medications aren't working well enough.

Holly Atkinson, MD

This video features Holly Atkinson, MD. Dr. Atkinson specializes in internal medicine and is an award-winning medical journalist.

Duration: 4:57. Last Updated On: Nov. 8, 2017, 6:14 p.m.
Reviewed by: Holly Atkinson, MD, Preeti Parikh, MD . Review date: March 12, 2012
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