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Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

If you think you may have sleep apnea, ask yourself the following questions: Does your snoring awaken you at night? Do you have a dry mouth, sore thro


True Life Story: Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

In this video, Michelle describes her life with Restless Legs Syndrome.


Sleeping Positions - Pros and Cons

How you position your body in bed may effect your sleep greatly. Here are the basics on the 4 main sleeping positions: both their pros and their cons.


When to Check with Your Doctor

Aside from constant yawning the next day, not getting enough sleep can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Some sleep problems like insomnia


How are Sleep and Depression Related?

Sleep and depression are highly linked, so it's important that you get a good night's sleep every night. These tips from the National Sleep Foundation


Kids & Sleep: Set a Routine

Setting a bedtime routine is essential to keeping children well rested. In the video above, parenting expert and author Ann Pleshette Murphy explains


Shift Work and Healthy Sleep

Lauren Hale from the National Sleep Foundation gives some expert sleep tips for shift workers to make sure you get the rest you need.


Create a Great Space

In this episode of 2 For U, Jennifer Gilardi discusses the importance of creating a comfortable bedroom space. She recommends removing all electronics


Common Sleeping Problems

In this video, Dr. Holly Phillips explains the symptoms and causes of insomnia, sleep apnea, bruxism, REM behavior disorder, restless legs syndrome


Getting a Good Night's Sleep

In this video, Dr. Holly Phillips explains that sleep hygiene means using your bed for sleep and sex only, avoid stimulants in the afternoon and try t


The Art of Napping

This episode gives tips and options for napping like a pro, even when you’re at the office!


Shift Work Disorder: Overview

Over 6 million Americans work non-traditional hours, also know as the night shift. The sleep/wake cycle is controlled by a section of the brain called


Sleep Training Tips for Children

Here are some expert tips for sleep training and maintaining steady sleep schedules for your children to improve their sleep quality every night.


Let The Light Shine

We’ve all been there, lying wide-eyed in the middle of the night counting sheep. But what if there was a simple, scientific reason for your insomnia?


Sleep Well to Help Muscle Development

Sleep is the key to muscle growth, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger discusses the importance of sleep and its relationship to muscle.


How Much Sleep Do You Need?

How much sleep do you need? Lauren Hale from the National Sleep Foundation reviews the importance of sleep and how much you need at every age


Stress Relief: Sleep

Healthy Sleep Hygiene is vitally important to consistent quality sleep. We provide 10 ways you can improve your sleep life.


What Happens When We Sleep?

Dr. Holly Phillips explains how the circadian clock works and why melatonin is called the “hormone of darkness”. The amount of sleep you get influence


How Sleep Affects Brain Function

Ever wonder what the brain is up to as we sleep? The National Sleep Foundation explains why the brain is so active while our bodies are at rest.


What is Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)?

While Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) may sound like an imagined condition, it is very real. In fact, over 12 million people have it. RLS is a condition


The 20-Minute Power Nap

If you don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night you may feel like a zombie the next day. People who don’t sleep enough often lose focus, a


Kids & Sleep: Toddlers

Good sleep starts with a predictable, soothing bedtime routine. The goal is to create positive associations with bedtime.


Kids & Sleep: Older Kids

When kids get older, putting them to bed on time can be difficult. With sports, after school activities and homework, having everything done at a dece


The Truth about Exercise at Bedtime

It is great to squeeze in a workout every day but what about right before bedtime? While it does create increased blood flow and raise core body tempe


Prevent & Treat Sleep Apnea

If you are diagnosed with mild sleep apnea there are steps you can take now to help fight off the condition. In this video, Dr. Snyderman discusses


Sleep Apnea Signs & Who's at Risk

Although sleep apnea is very common, most people do not know they have it. In this video, Dr. Snyderman explains the signs, symptoms and risk factors


Pick the Perfect Pillow

Experts recommend changing your pillow every two years for more restful sleep. An ideal pillow will support your head and neck in the same neutral pos


Tip: Get to Sleep

In this video, Dr. Holly Atkinson shares some tips on how to fall asleep a bit easier. Humans spend one third of our lives sleeping, if we are lucky.


True Life Story: Sleep Apnea Part 2

In this video, Richard shares his personal story of living with sleep apnea. He shows his CPAP machine and demonstrates how it helps keep him asleep a


When is it time for a Sleep Aid?

How do you know if you should start taking a sleep aid or supplement like Melatonin? Here are the basics on sleep medication and when to use it.


Managing Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

If you are suffering from RLS, don’t fight the urge to move your legs; it will only make things worse. Massage your legs and be sure to avoid caffeine


6 Tips to Build a Better Bedroom

It is important that your bedroom is relaxing when you go to sleep. Here are some bedroom ideas to create a space that will help you sleep easier.


Tale of Two Sleepers

There can be pros and cons to sleeping with a partner, but how do you know if you're getting the sleep you need?


Heart Health Tip: Sleep and Heart Disease

Sleep is great for a healthy heart. A Cardiologist explains why sleep is important for those at risk of heart disease, and tips to sleep well.


Sleep Well to Improve Heart Health

A healthy heart and a good night's sleep go hand in hand. The National Sleep Foundation explains how heart health and sleep are closely related.


How to Minimize Jet Lag

There are a few simple things you can do to minimize the effects of jet lag - here are six simple tips to do just that.


Kids & Sleep: Overview

Getting kids to sleep at night can seem like constant battle. But you are not alone; 76% of parents are not happy with their child’s sleep habits.


Depression: Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise are important in helping symptoms of depression. Exercise can elevate your mood and sleep can help you deal with tough situations.


Relaxing Yoga For Sleep

This 20 minute yoga for sleep sequence will allow your body and mind to relax and unwind before you hit the hay.


True Life Story: Sleep Apnea Part 1

In this video, Richard shares his personal story recounting his poor sleep history. He then talks about the steps he took to discover he had slee


Keep Calm and Relax Anytime

Falling asleep comes easy when your stress free. Next time you are stressed and can't sleep try these techniques.


Shift Work Disorder: Prevention

One of the most important ways to prevent shift work sleep disorder is to practice good sleep hygiene. This includes developing a consistent bedtime r


How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Here is a guide to learn what is the right amount for you, as well as some tips to monitor and improve your sleep efficiency.


Chronic Pain and Sleep

Is chronic pain keeping you up at night? Natalie Dautovich from the National Sleep Foundation explains chronic pain and sleep


What is Sleep Apnea?

Severe snoring can be a sign of a serious disorder called sleep apnea. Dr. Snyderman explains that there are three types of apnea, obstructive apnea


What is Insomnia?

One of the most common sleep disorders is called Insomnia. Here are some common symptoms of insomnia and those who have problems sleeping.


Shift Work Disorder: Treatments

Treatments for shift work sleep disorder include light therapy and prescription medications. In this video, Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher explains the d

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Tip: Stress and Love

We often think of stress affecting us at work but it can also wreak havoc on your love life. Whatever the cause of the stress may be, it is important


The Perks of Positive Thinking

Yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Bernier Olin shares some tips on how to focus on positive thinking when you are stressed out or overtired.


Stress Relief: Sleep

Healthy Sleep Hygiene is vitally important to consistent quality sleep. We provide 10 ways you can improve your sleep life.


What is Stress?

Stress is a word used to describe how a person reacts to different situations and environments around them. As Dr. Keri Peterson explains...


Stress Relief: Prioritize

Stress can be triggered by a variety of things including a big workload, family issues and even the weather. A good way to keep your stress level down


Stress Relief: Meditate

Meditation is the act of focusing on one thing to clear the mind of all other things. Many times when we are stressed, our brain is dealing with racin


Time to Re-Prioritize Your Life

Competing priorities make it hard to spend time on the parts of your life you value the most, prioritizing is tough but needed for personal growth.


Deal With Your Stress

In episode 2 of Girl Talk, Kate talks with Lana, Sylvia, Jenicia and Devlin about ways to relieve stress and anxiety. A few of their tips include exer



Kate talks with Lana, Sylvia, Jenicia and Devlin about relationships and how the possibility of starting a family is often a source for stress.


Stress Relief: Exercise

When we are feeling the effects of stress, our body is reacting to stress hormones, including cortisol. This increases blood pressure, heart rate, and

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Quitting Smoking Story: Benefits of Quitting

Amanda Dunbar talks about all the ways her life improved since she quit smoking cigarettes. Food tastes better and she has an extra kick in her step.


Better You Tip: Diet & Withdrawal

Quitting smoking can be tough but changing your diet may help ease the process. Here are some tips on how changing your diet can help you quit.


The Health Effects of Smoking

By now, everyone knows that there are many harmful effects of smoking. But what exactly happens each time you take a drag of a cigarette?


Better You Tip: Set a Quit Smoking Day

Once you have decided it is time to quit smoking, it is important to set a quit day.


Timeline: What Happens When You Quit Smoking

This timeline explains what happens when you quit smoking cigarettes, and how your body begins to heal immediately.


Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

What are the dangers of secondhand smoke and how can we protect others, especially our children, from being affected by it?


Better You Tip: Stress & Nicotine Withdrawal

Once you decide to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal can have unpleasant side effects.This video explains new ways to deal with stress and anxiety.


Quitting Smoking Story: I Quit!

In this video, Amanda Dunbar tells her personal success story of how she quit smoking after twelve years of smoking cigarettes.


Tip: Five Tips for a Longer Life

In this video, Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher shares his tips on how to live a longer, healthier life. Living longer includes exercising, eating healthy


Tip: 'Fess Up

It is important to tell your doctor the truth about your habits, especially how much you smoke and drink on a daily basis.


Strategies to Quit Smoking

There are several different ways to quit smoking. One of the most common strategies is nicotine replacement therapy.