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Cholesterol Nutrition: Foods to Avoid

Drop the cheeseburgers because its not worth it! Sometimes the better the food taste the worse it is for your body! When you have high cholesterol there are foods to avoid to help control your condition! 

Having high cholesterol can lead to many health problems such as heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. Since much of our cholesterol comes from the food we consume, it is important to eat right. In this video, registered dietitian Sharon Richter explains what foods we should limit as well as some easy, healthy alternatives that are satisfying and taste great. 


Sharon Richter

This video features Sharon Richter. Sharon Richter is a Registered Dietitian with a private nutrition practice in New York City

Duration: 01:50. Last Updated On: 2016-10-20
Reviewed by: Dr. Preeti Parikh, Dr. Holly Atkinson . Review date: March 22, 2011
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