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Getting Cholesterol Tested? Here's What Your Numbers Mean

High cholesterol is a serious problem that will continue to escalate as everyone leans toward cheaper unhealthy food. 

The first step to keeping your cholesterol in check is finding out where your cholesterol levels stand. This is done through a blood test performed in your doctor’s office. This will measure three types of cholesterol: HDL, LDL and triglycerides. In this video, Dr. Tanya Benenson explains what each of these cholesterols mean as well as what you can expect from your results.


Sharon Richter

This video features Sharon Richter. Sharon Richter is a Registered Dietitian with a private nutrition practice in New York City

Duration: 02:26. Last Updated On: 2016-10-20
Reviewed by: Dr. Supriya Jain, Dr. Tara Narula . Review date: June 03, 2012
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