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Beginner Upper Body

Kara Liotta has designed a 10 minute "no excuses" total body HIIT. This workout that can be done anywhere and requires only your body weight. Kara takes you through a fast, beginner level workout build around 4 key moves to work your upper body (forearm plank knee taps, modified push ups, triceps dips, side lateral raises) and ending with a Plyometric push.

Forearm plank knee taps are simple to do but simple does not mean they are easy. Get in a forearm plank position and pull your knees into your torso. Alternate legs and make sure to breath in correlation with the movements. 

Modified push-ups are great for beginners who have a hard time controlling their body weight. These push-ups are done by using your knees for leverage instead of your toes. 

Triceps dips are done by positioning your hands behind you, slide the rest of your body in front of your hands and extend your legs so they are straight. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Once you reach the bottom, press down to straighten up your elbow. 

Side lateral raises are done by laying on your side, you will be raising your lower body and upper body simultaneously, meeting in your midsection. This is a great workout to target your love handles. 


Kara Liotta

This video features Kara Liotta.

Duration: 10:42. Last Updated On: 2015-07-17
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