This Power Cardio Workout Blasts Calories in Just 8 Minutes

Get out your calorie counter because your about to burn some off! You can make weight loss quicker and easier by increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories. Metabolic Rate is the rate at which the body burns up calories. Increasing your metabolic rate is the key to weight-loss, a person who that consumes 2500 calories a day and burns 2500 calories a day will stay the same weight. The mission is to burn more calories than you consume.

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta is all about the cardio in this challenging 8 minute workout. Burn some serious calories by doing 20 reps of each exercise with an active recovery. Active recovery is a workout that is less intense, this can either be after an intense workout or on a day off.

Cardiovascular workouts are a go to source for healthy weight loss as well as improving mental health and preventing injuries. Incorporating cardio into your weekly routine is very important, mainly because most people consume more calorie than they burn. 


Kara Liotta

This video features Kara Liotta.

Duration: 08:02. Last Updated On: 2015-07-17
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