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Intermediate Cardio

HIIT This Certified Trainer Rob Sulaver and Fitness Instructor Kara Liotta take you through High Intensity Interval Training. Each workout is a blast of energy you can do at home. Rob and Kara focus on all parts of your body, emphasizing correct form to take you from beginner to advanced. (21 Episodes)
Video Description

Challenge yourself with this upbeat cardio routine., Cardio can be fun as well as deliver you a fulfilling workout. 

Fitness instructor Kara Liotta demonstrates advance cardio workout she designed to make you sweat. Prepare to jump, jog, squat, and get your heart rate up in only 8 intense minutes. Many see cardio as way to lose weight, but it is far more than that it is a way to be and live healthier. Weight loss takes time so having that as your goal can be discouraging when your results don't show instantly. Living a healthier lifestyle should be your main goal and results will follow. 


Duration: 09:18 Last Updated On: 2015-07-17
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