This Full Body Workout Requires Zero Exercise Equipment

No equipment? No problem! This intense 16 minute workout routine requires no equipment but delivers a fulfilling full body workout!

In this episode of Kickstart Workout, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger demonstrates a full body routine that only takes 16 minutes. This cardio strength training workout will only require your own body weight! This workout alternates 1 minute of strength moves followed by 30 seconds of cardio. Holly takes you through two cycles of the following moves: walk-outs to jumps, high knees, squat/lunge combo, lateral slides, push up to a side plank, jump and retreats, prisoner squats, tuck jumps, plank, and speed skaters.


Holly Rilinger

This video features Holly Rilinger.

Duration: 16:48. Last Updated On: 2015-07-15
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