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Surfer's Workout

Kickstart Workouts: Muscle Beach In our new season of Kickstart Workouts, Certified Trainer Holly Rilinger heads to another iconic workout location – Muscle Beach! Get ready for more awesome workouts to get you toned from head to toe, plus more insightful tips and advice from Holly. New episodes releasing every Wednesday! (11 Episodes)
Video Description

Get a rock solid core and strong upper body just like a surfer with this surfer themed workout brought to you from the iconic Muscle Beach. 

In this video, certified personal trainer, Holly Rilinger will walk you through a truly unique work out made for surfing. Surfing is both one of the most enjoyable and physically demanding sports in the world. It requires a wide range of physical qualities in order to paddle out, catch a wave, balance on a surfboard and lay some big hacking turns and aerial moves. These workouts will focus on your core which insures balance and stability; you'll be doing each surf move for about 30 seconds and then do the whole routine three times!


Duration: 12:26 Last Updated On: 2015-09-02
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