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Ultimate Upper Body Workout

Kickstart Workouts: Muscle Beach In our new season of Kickstart Workouts, Certified Trainer Holly Rilinger heads to another iconic workout location – Muscle Beach! Get ready for more awesome workouts to get you toned from head to toe, plus more insightful tips and advice from Holly. New episodes releasing every Wednesday! (11 Episodes)
Video Description

Ready to sculpt your arms and tone your back, this upper body workout focuses on the chest, mid and upper back, shoulders, and arms!

In this video, certified personal trainer, Holly Rilinger will show you how to work those pipes! Strengthening and toning your arms is a critical part of any fitness regimen. And the best part about Holly's Kickstart workouts is you can do them anywhere you want and you don't need equipment! Of course, if you would like to give yourself a bigger challenge, feel free to grab a pair of dumbbells for this Ultimate Upper Body Workout. This workout is made up of four moves, one minute each, with a little bit of active recovery in between. You're going to repeat the whole set a second time, so get ready! You'll be working your arms as well as your back and your chest - the big muscles at the beginning and then come the smaller muscles. 


Duration: 12:04 Last Updated On: 2015-08-12
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