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Abs Abs and More Abs Workout

Kickstart Workouts: Trinity Boxing Club For season 3 of Kickstart Workouts, certified trainer Holly Rilinger hits another classic workout location - Trinity Boxing Club in Los Angeles. Leave all your doubt at the door and join Holly for more intense workouts! (10 Episodes)
Video Description

Sculpting abs is a long and tedious journey! It will take dedication, time and patience to get the abs you desire, so make sure you stick to your routine as well as your diet. 

Holly Rilinger has the moves to get you a strong core, which is the most effective formula for great abs. This 15 minute abs workout is comprised of 5 moves each done for 30 seconds. This abs workout will have you sweating, with 4 rounds of these rock-solid circuits. You will begin with a simple walk out for one minute. While doing this move, it is important you brace at the top to get your core ready for the rest of the abs workout. Everybody wants great abs but not everybody is willing to put in the hard work. Remember to eat healthy so the results from your abs workout speak for themselves!



Duration: 16:43 Last Updated On: 2015-11-09
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