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Full Body Workout

Kickstart Workouts: Trinity Boxing Club For season 3 of Kickstart Workouts, certified trainer Holly Rilinger hits another classic workout location - Trinity Boxing Club in Los Angeles. Leave all your doubt at the door and join Holly for more intense workouts! (10 Episodes)
Video Description

Are you ready for a knockout workout? Conditioning for boxing doesn’t just take place in the ring. Here is a high intensity workout routine created for boxing without having to get in the ring!

Holly Rilinger is going to have you working your legs, arms, and core along with some heart raising cardio. That's the best part of a boxing workout - you're working your whole body, so get ready to use every single muscle. This workout is full of high intensity moves that you will do for 30 seconds each and you'll be doing three full rounds of these moves. Breathing is a key factor in this routine so make sure to watch and control the breath and be explosive as possible!


Duration: 10:48 Last Updated On: 2015-12-07
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