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Care Until Cure: A Second Chance at Alzheimer's


Based in Naples, Florida – the epicenter of aging in America – this film tells the story of Kenn Voegele and his family, who were struck twice by Alzheimer's Disease. Shaken by an Alzheimer's diagnosis in both parents, and struggling to be the caregiver he wanted to be, Kenn spoke up and discovered his life calling. Today, Kenn is active in the Naples community, working to help both individuals affected by Alzheimer’s as well as their caregivers, spreading awareness as to the impact of the disease on both those afflicted and their caregivers, and supporting and building resources to offer the highest quality of care until there is a cure. Directed by Jacquelyn Lobel. Produced by Brendan Anderer. 

Duration: 02:17. Last Updated On: 2016-05-26

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