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True Champions Depression: Julie's Advocacy

In episode 3 of True Champions Depression, Julie talks about her role as an advocate for mental health. As a person living with depression, Julie Hersh has a unique voice to share when it comes to mental health and depression. 

Julie talks about her role on the Advisory Board for the University of Texas Southwestern Depression Center. The Depression Center is working to best identify how depression starts so it can help people get help for their depression when it is still manageable and avoid the bigger problems later on. As an advocate, Julie tries to help people with depression follow the path to wellness and implement their plan to overcoming depression and living a happier life. Julie also often talks about her mental health must have’s, including sleep, exercise, a balanced diet, a strong support system and mental health care from qualified doctors.

Julie is outspoken in her advocacy, and even wrote a book detailing her experience with depression and attempted suicide. Today, she actively supports the arts and university based research into depression. Her goal is to help her community with issues of mental health. Julie Hersh is a wife, mother, author, advocate and philanthropist. Julie is a co-founder of the Hersh Foundation which works to cultivate future leaders and to promote mental health through innovative strategies. 

Duration: 06:05. Last Updated On: 2016-03-29
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