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True Champions Depression: Julie's Book

In this episode of True Champions Depression, Julie talks about writing her book "Struck by Living," which is about her experience living with depression. Julie’s depression was severe and eventually lead to multiple, unsuccessful suicide attempts.  It took courage and selflessness to not only write a book about the struggle with depression, but also to openly publish it under her own name.

Julie recounts the painful experience of reflecting deeply into her depression experiences in order to share them with others as openly as possible. Julie also discusses the process that she and her family went through when debating whether to publish such a revealing story about depression and mental illness, issues that are often undeservedly shrouded in stigma and shame.  

Julie’s husband Ken tells of the writing process and how it affected him and the family.  Ken also praises Julie for writing so openly about depression and says he thinks the book will help countless people who are also experiencing depression or struggles with mental illness.

Julie says she thinks her book has helped others experiencing depression find a connection with someone else, as this is a very tough thing to do with a mental illness marked by isolation. 


Duration: 04:13. Last Updated On: 2016-03-29
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