Types of Back Pain

Your spine is a column of bones held together by muscles, tendons and ligaments. A problem in any part of the spine can cause back pain. For some back pains are an annoyance but for others it can cause extreme discomfort and excruciating pain. 

Symptoms of back pain can range from muscle stiffness to sharp jabbing discomfort. A few common causes of back pain are overexertion, heavy lifting, sudden movements, falling down and even menstruation. A bulging or slipped disc is also a common cause of pain. In this video, Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher explains various types of back pain.


Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher

This video features Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher. Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine

Duration: 03:10.
Reviewed by: Dr. Preeti Parikh . Review date: January 16, 2011
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