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Essentials: Fiber

Lynn Goldstein Lynn Goldstein is a Registered dietitian with a Masters of Science degree from New York University. Lynn covers all the essentials our bodies need. (21 Episodes)
Video Description

50% of Americans don’t have enough fiber in their diet. What is fiber, though? Dietary fiber includes mostly carbohydrates that the body cannot break down or absorb. As a result, our bodies don't use it as an energy source, but it's still an essential part of a healthy diet and there are many health benefits of fiber.

In this video, Registered Dietitian Lynn Goldstein discusses the two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, and how you can work them in to your diet on a daily basis. It is recommended that men under 50 eat 38g a day while women of the same age eat 25g a day. Men over 50 should eat 30g a day while women eat 21g a day. 

Fiber prevents or controls heart disease so get yourself filled up on whole grains and vegetables!


Duration: 03:42 Last Updated On: 2015-07-15
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