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Taste Food Festival - Seafood Snacks

Out for a Bite Go OUT to eat! This series focuses on all foods outdoors, from food trucks to tailgate parties, picnics, farmer’s markets, and local food festivals. (13 Episodes)
Video Description

Nothing screams summer like delicious seafood. You don’t always need a fancy seafood restaurant to make some amazing seafood. 

In episode 1 of Out for a Bite, Christina Gibson heads to Taste Food Festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She chats with Sindicato’s head chef Angel and gets a few tips on how to make her own ceviche at home. Christina then talks with Jonathan from Hotel Delmano about BBQ oysters. If you’re new to the oyster world, throw some lemon on there to soften the taste.


Duration: 03:20 Last Updated On: None
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