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Building Blocks: Milestones at 18 Months Old

Dr. Preeti Parikh Dr. Preeti Parikh is a Board-Certified Pediatrician with special interests in preventive medicine, advocacy and patient education.
Video Description

In this video, Dr. Preeti Parikh talks about what you can expect from your child when they reach 18 months old. At this stage children can point to body parts just from hearing the word. They also have the ability to recognize their own name. You can also expect some temper tantrums at this age. Crying is OK but if it escalates into screaming or hitting it is important to do the following: stay calm, do not get angry and be firm. A one-minute timeout can often be an appropriate way of calming your child down. If you are having trouble with tantrums, ask your pediatrician for help.

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