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Effects of Smoking: What Cigarettes Do to Your Body

By now, everyone knows smoking is bad for you. But what exactly happens when you take a drag of a cigarette? In this video, Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher breaks down the journey of the toxic cigarette smoke, and explains the many harmful effects of smoking.

Smoking affects all the organs in your body, and can even affect your sex life. When you take a drag of a cigarette, the cigarette smoke causes an abnormal thickening of your throat and airways. This is linked to throat cancer. Over time, the effects of smoking include blackened lungs and a decrease in taste and smell. Smoking also makes it more difficult to fight off respiratory illness. Cigarette smoke damages the air sacs in your lungs, which transfer the oxygen you breathe to your blood. 87% of people who die from lung cancer are smokers.

Smoking causes your heart to pound 36,000 times more a day than that of a non-smoker. Smoking can also cause circulation problems, and doubles the risk for heart disease and stroke. It also increases the risk of developing brittle bones, or osteoporosis. 

The effects of smoking extend to your sex life, too. Men can experience difficulty getting an erection, along with lower sperm counts. Smoking also negatively affects fertility in women. 

While there are plenty of harmful internal effects of smoking, smoking also creates wrinkly skin, stained yellow teeth and nails, tooth decay and thinning hair.

From the moment you quit smoking, your body begins to heal immediately. 

Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher

This video features Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher. Dr. Paul Knoepflmacher is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine

Duration: 03:52 Last Updated On: 2015-11-09 Reviewed by: Dr. Preeti Parikh, Dr. Holly Atkinson, Dr. Supriya Jain Review date: August 25, 2012
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