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Diagnosing & Treating Psoriasis

If you think you may have psoriasis, make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist. Diagnosing psoriasis can occur through an examination and a skin biopsy, if necessary. Certain treatments include lotions, ointments, light therapy, and oral or injected medications. These can be used alone or in combination for better, faster results. The first step to treating dry or cracked skin is to use a moisturizer. Another treatment option would include the use of corticosteroids, which are the most common topical prescription. These drugs reduce inflammation and temporarily clear skin by supressing t-cell production. There are also other types of psoriasis medication that can be taken, as well as therapies than can be used to fight psoriasis. In this video, Dr. Bobby Buka discusses different treatment options for psoriasis.

Duration: 03:51 Reviewed by: Dr. Preeti Parikh, Dr. Mera Goodman Review date: September 10, 2014
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