Downward Dog for Deep Sleep

Do you have trouble relaxing and falling asleep? Yoga is one way to soothe the nervous system and help you fall asleep faster. Yoga instructor Faith Hunter explains how yoga assists with the sleep process and leads a simple and easy yoga routine that you can do in your own bed.

Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D.

This video features Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D.. Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D. is the National Sleep Foundation's Environmental Scholar. She is also appointed at Virginia Commonwealth University as an Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology in the Department of Psychology. She received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of South Florida.

Duration: 05:15. Last Updated On: 2017-03-09
Review date: March 08, 2017
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