How are Sleep and Depression Related?

Sleep is essential for good health in both the body and the mind. Research shows that there's a real connection between sleeping problems and depression. Because sleep and depression are highly linked, it is extremely important that you get a good night's sleep every night. 

For some people sleeping problems can begin years before they report feeling depressed. Others may be diagnosed with depression before beginning to have difficulty falling asleep at night. The good news is there are treatments for both sleeping problems and depression.

With one of these methods, we are sure you will be able to treat one or both of these issues. Evidence actually shows that when depression is treated, many people report sleeping better, and the same goes vice versa! Some people who have reported having sleeping problems also noticed a decrease in their symptoms of depression. 

Here are some good sleep habits you might want to take on in order to end your sleeping problems as well as your depression. Going to bed at the same time everyday (even on the weekends) is a good idea to have your body get accustomed to a steady sleep schedule and knows to start winding down as your bedtime approaches. 

You should also save the bedroom for only sleep and sex, and, as we all probably know, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and screen time before bed. 

If you are experiencing sleeping problems, talk to your doctor. The longer you suffer from poor sleep, the higher your risk of developing depression or other illnesses. There are many resources available and you can get help getting started on some of these tips on the link between sleep and depression. 


This video is part of an ongoing series HealthiNation has created in partnership with the experts at the National Sleep Foundation,

Lauren Hale, Ph.D.

This video features Lauren Hale, Ph.D.. Lauren Hale, Ph.D. is the editor in chief of the National Sleep Foundation's professional journal, Sleep Health. Hale is also the associate professor of Preventive Medicine in the Program in Public Health at Stony Brook University and has authored more than 55 published peer-reviewed articles.

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