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Money Stress at Holiday Time

Holidays are a special time, a cause for family, reflections and resolutions. However, holidays can also bring unneeded stress when it comes to buying presents for the whole family.

Author and parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy provides some helpful tips on how to navigate the tricky holiday season without getting overcome with money worries. First, cut yourself some slack. Gifts are important but remember they are not the only thing. As always, communication is key and suggesting creative ways to exchange gifts like Secret Santa or Grab Bag can be fun.

In the end, spending time with your family is the most important part of the holidays. So don’t forget to take plenty of pictures because creating memories is what this season is all about!

Ann Pleshette Murphy

This video features Ann Pleshette Murphy.

Duration: 02:39.
Reviewed by: Dr. Preeti Parikh, Dr. Holly Atkinson . Review date: December 03, 2012
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