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Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation mixes breathing with repetition to calm and center your mind and body. You can silently meditate on a mantra but saying it aloud is more beneficial as your voice relaxes you in a different way. In this video, Yoga and Meditation Expert Sarah Bernier will take you through the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. This popular mantra is said to bring balance to those who use it. 

Each word has a specific meaning. Sa means infinity, Ta means life, Na means transformation, and Ma signifies rebirth. Mantra meditation’s benefits include relieving negative thoughts while increasing thoughts of well-being and alertness. Make sure you start in a comfortable seat with a tall spine and relaxed shoulders. During this exercise you will breathe long and deeply through your nose while repeating the mantra. While it is recommended you sit in a comfortable seat, it is also great for walking as you can repeat a different sound during each step. Wherever you do it,mantra meditation will certainly bring peace to your day.


Sarah Bernier Olin

This video features Sarah Bernier Olin.

Duration: 02:51.
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