Yoga Plank Perfect Sequence

Yoga Plank Perfect Sequence13:01
Yoga Plank Perfect Sequence
Beginner Cardio08:32
Beginner Cardio
10 Minute Yoga Core Sequence10:08
10 Minute Yoga Core Sequence
305 Fitness03:43
305 Fitness
Daily Stretching Exercises01:45
Daily Stretching Exercises
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Video Description

Challenge your core with this intense plank workout! Planks are one of the best workouts for your core, rise and shine with Jennifer Galardi's yoga plank perfect series

You can use this yoga sequence anytime you want to fire up your abs and feel strong. Make sure your hands are spread wide and face out throughout the sequence. Flow through preparatory poses like a core warm up, to isometric core movements, and leg lifts. Finally, you'll end with yoga plank pose, incorporating movement, plank holds and side planks to burn those abs!


Duration: 13:01 Last Updated On: 2016-04-01
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